Tuesday, October 02, 2007

If He Managed To Lose, He Can Manage To Get Lost

I'm sick of the "He didn't pitch like crap in the most important game of the season, he didn't fail to hit when it counted" excuse.

I'm tarred of hearing that one.

That's like saying guns don't ki11 people, people do.

If the manager is blameless than why is he even there?

Why not just let the players write their own lineup cards, set their own starting rotations, nominate themselves to pitch out of the bullpen. Why not hire a different 16 year old kid from Flushing to manage the team every month?

Don't tell me Willie Randolph is blameless.

Clint Hurdle is blameless and his team won rather than lost 14 of their last 15. That's with Kaz Matsui leading off and playing second base.

The manager's job is to keep teams from unraveling just like the Mets did.

If Willie isn't to blame for this, if the players are, then get rid of them all and let Willie manage a team of eager Triple A mishaps to the World Championship.

What was Willie's worst season? 1981 and 1988 he hit .232 and .230 respectively and after both seasons, he came back to hit .282 and .280 respectively. Not career highs, but indicative of an ability to bounce back. And he better bounce back HIGH.

How ironic: Kaz Matsui and Jorge Julio are in the postseason but the Mets aren't?

Top 5 Eligible Managers

1. Bobby V (for Vindication)
2 Joe Girardi
3 Buck Showalter
4 Frank Kremblas
5 Orel Hershiser
6 Lee Mazzilli