Monday, February 04, 2008


author of my favourite quote of the night which was actually just a requote of a Mike Tyson quote: "Every one has a plan until they get punched in the face."

Last night Superman's cape was not only tugged on but ripped from his shoulders as the NY Giants dished out a highly unexpected loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII last night at University of Phoenix Stadium by a 17-14 margin.

In doing so the Giants not only became World Champions but ended the Patriots 18 game unbeaten run and perhaps FINALLY put to rest this long-running Boston as King Sports Town silliness. Once again it is New York and perhaps when the Mets win the 2008 World Series, this will be solidified. Just forget about the Knicks and the Rangers.

Yes we know all about what a genius Bill Bellichick is. We know Tom Brady was on the path to becoming only the third quarterback in NFL history to win a 4th Super Bowl ring. We know the Patriots entered this game on the tide of victories which had been unprecedented in NFL history. We know nobody was supposed to be able to beat the Patriots and certainly not the Giants. Just because they played the Patriots tight in the season finale didn't mean they weren't going to have Brady and Moss nightmares all afternoon. The pros installed the Pats as 12 point favourites, after all. To hell with the Giants' impressive post-season run, the Patriots were the team of destiny.

You've got to wonder after this victory whose stock rose faster and higher, Eli Manning or Giant defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who did what no other defensive guru could do: shut down to Pats. Of course it wasn't just Spagnuolo but the entirety of a brave Giant defence, an overwhelmingly perfect job by the line to do exactly what every knew had to be done to beat the Pats and that was, make Tom Brady's life hell and proving that not even Brady can complete passes on his back.

Not likely to top that catch in the rest of his career...

And Eli, well hell, all he did was lead perhaps the second or third most compelling last minute-game-winning drive in Super Bowl history. All he did was some insane sort of Houdini elusion from thirsty New England defenders to make that crazy Ally-Oop pass that David Tyree somehow, magically caught with his hands against his helmet, Lynn Swannish in all of its absurd beauty. And all he did in the last three games was beat Tony Romo, Brett Favre and Brady, all away from Giants Stadium. The new folk hero of Manhattan even if like me, you're not even a Giant fan.

Of course Brady and the Patriots didn't go down without a whimper. He led an 80 yard scoring drive which culminated with a touchdown pass to Moss and gave what many believed would the the lead the Pats would not relinquish (before Manning's own tight heroics) but even then, with only seconds left ticking, Brady unleashed what might very well have been the pass which could have put the Pats in FG tying position were it not for a last second tip by the Giant defender.

And let's not forget Plaxico Burress, scorned by many for his bold prediction which proved not only nearly spot on but which he helped fulfill with a game winning touchdown catch. Well done indeed.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

There Will Be No 18-1

How many secret video tapes
does a Super Bowl Champion make?

There is no alternative to the perfect season.

You do not win 18 games in a row in one magical, perfect season only to lose the last one of all. Not when the best coach in the sport has two weeks to prepare.

Final Score

New England 41 NY Giants 23

The number one reason why the Giants will lose:

Two week layoff loses momentum.

Of course, there are others who will try and lead you astray

XLII reasons.